Semaglutide is Now Available at Affordable Prices in Nashville & Birmingham!

Pricing Options

Pricing Options

Your best options presented

The cost reflects the payment you make, while the value represents what you receive.

Picture choosing a steak at Texas Roadhouse or Ruth’s Chris. Ruth’s Chris has better quality steaks. Similarly, our medicines are made in small batches by independent pharmacies, steering clear of mass production on extensive pharmaceutical assembly lines.

Unlike medicines lingering on shelves, due to the high number of individuals we cater to, ours are freshly prepared and dispatched promptly, ensuring optimal quality for our customers.

We operate locally, setting ourselves apart from numerous programs that exclusively sell medicines online or over the phone. When you have questions or concerns, it’s essential to know who you can call and, even better, who you can see in person.


Our Pricing

We have a transparent pricing structure
with no hidden fees.

The Office consultation is FREE. If our doctor approves your use of the medicine, the cost is $299 per month for Semaglutide or $499 per month if you choose Tirzepatide.

Special Pricing is now available for our first 50 new patients!

Limited to First 50 Patients

Scale Watchers Club


Starter Package


Initial Consultation and Medications


Pay as you go

Cost Per Visit
$ 299.00
Savings per month



**3 months Treatments and Medications


*** Prepayment during Initial Visit

Cost Per Visit
$ 266.67
Savings per month
$ 32.33 (11%)



**6 months Treatments and Medications


*** Prepayment within 30 Days After First Visit

Cost Per Visit
$ 250.00
Savings per month
$ 49.00 (16%)


  • May not be combined with Win-Win Promotion.
  • * Base Price, Titration will affect the final price.
  • **Subject to physician approval.
  • ***Patients can upgrade to Silver and Gold during first visit.


Our Referral Program

Inquire about our $50 Win-Win Club!

Scale Watchers Rx knows you will be pleased with your experience and results.  We know your family and friends will ask “What is your Secret… You Look Great!” When this happens, you WILL smile at the complement AND you can use your results to reduce the cost of your next prescription by $50.

As a patient, when you refer Scale Watchers Rx to a family member of an acquaintance who becomes a patient, both of you will receive a $50 discount!  All new patients are eligible for Win-Win Promotion.  Each time you refer us a new patient the referring patient will ALSO get $50 off their next medication cost. 

To make the referral process work for you be sure to grab a few WIN WIN Referral Cards during your visit and be sure to write your name on each so we can issue the credit to your account.

Just refer us ONE new client and AFTER your referral makes an appointment and is approved for our program, we will issue you a $50 credit on your next visit or  prescription.

The referral discount is only available after your friend or family is accepted into the program and approved by our physician. You may refer as many clients as possible to Scale Watchers Rx but only one $50 discount each must be used per visit or prescription.

Interested in a new lease on life?

We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you.

Contact us for a tailored program that aligns with your unique weight loss objectives.



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